About The Company

20 August 2021

Saheser Marble International was founded in 1928 by İhsan Taşcı.

Since 1928, Saheser Marble International has established manufacturing, exporting, and importing cooperation with many companies in many countries with the knowledge and experience that it has gained in 90 years about all kinds of Turkish marbles. The collaborations are still continuing today.

In 1996, Saheser Marble International established the foundations of the Turkish-Italian Marble Market by cooperating with Italian marble companies about All Kinds of Turkish Marble Blocks, Slabs, and Tiles. Later on, it laid the foundations of the Turkish-Chinese Marble Markets. Saheser Marble International, which has ensured that Turkish Marbles are introduced and are permanent in the Chinese Marble Market, has led to the beginning of the Turkish Marble Block and Unshaped Block trade in the Chinese Marble Markets.