Historical Ages Of Company

20 August 2021

1-(1928-1965) When Physical and Muscular Strength-Oriented Working Methods had been being used. (Hammer, Sledgehammer, Broach, Madurda, Chisel, Breaking etc.)

2-(1965-1975) When Outdated Technology Marble Machine Systems had been being used. (Carbon Saws, Sand Gangsaws, Lathes, and Chain block Drilling)

3-(1975-2021) When Electronical Automation and Modern Technology Systems have been using. (Diamond Saw, Abrasive, Calibrating, Polishing, Tirming, Bridge Cutting, CNC, Water Jet, Oven, etc.)

Saheser Marble International Is the Oldest, Most Rooted, and Most Well-Known Company In Turkey With 90 Years Experience.