Saheser Marble International is the most experienced and rooted marble company in Turkey. Saheser Marble International has been manufacturing and exporting all kinds of Turkish marble blocks, slabs, and tiles for more than 90 years, and has gained a lot of scientific knowledge and experience about all kinds of Turkish marble.

Saheser Marble International standardized the quality standards of its production for each marble with the high-level knowledge and experience that it has gained.

Saheser Marble International has Turkey’s widest product range, consisting of the best Turkish marble and natural stones. This product range includes over 1000 colors, characters, and selections for more than 400 product types. The products that we prepare to the world’s best standards, are exported to 59 different countries by us.

Saheser Marble International has ensured the establishment of the Turkish marble block market in many countries all around the world with the work that it has done over many years. Some of these markets are Turkish-Chinese marble block, Turkish-Italian marble block, Turkish-Indian marble block, Turkish-Iranian marble block, Turkish-Egyptian marble block markets etc.

Saheser Marble International, whose main field of work is block production and export, has been actively working on exports in cooperation with thousands of marble and natural stone companies from various parts of the world for 90 years. Saheser Marble International is the most knowledgeable and experienced company in the Turkish marble block market with its continuing work from the past to the present.

All of the Saheser Marble International’s work is based on scientific knowledge, experience, and accuracy. Saheser Marble International is the most well-known Turkish marble block export company in international markets, with the highest product quality and product preference privileges.

Saheser Marble International provides permanent and continued access to the highest quality blocks to its customers in every period of the year with block stockyards and quarries located in different regions of Turkey.

Saheser Marble International is able to supply the product requested by the buyer exactly and in the desired form, by grouping the products and productions according to quality, colour, structure, texture, pattern distribution, size (Dimension), character, and selection groups.

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